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New England Skydiving League New England Skydiving League

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Most Recent NESL Scores | See all NESL scores
Sep 20th, 2008
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank A Class 7,A M,F,G 19,N 21,B J,O,9 P,H,A Total Avg
1 Vertical Obsession NESL 8 14 7 7 9 12 57 9.5
2 UConn NESL 2 0 - - - - 2 1.0
Rank Rookie A,E,L M,F,G N,K,C B,D,Q J,O,M P,H,A Total Avg
1 Bad Karma NESL 1 5 - - - - 6 3.0
2 Bentley College NESL 0 0 1 - - - 1 0.3

Most Recent NESL News | See all NESL News or all NSL News
News Article Did you know that the New England Skydiving League was launched in 2000?
posted: Feb 10th, 2023 The recent NSL News updates that reported the comeback of 4-way leagues in the NSL Network seem to initiate interest in other areas of the United States, as well. It began with the Great Lakes Skydiving... (more)
News Article Did you know that Mass Defiance competitors and judges will meet again in Eloy?
posted: Oct 8th, 2008 The New England Skydiving League completed its 2008 season on the NSL Playoffs weekend at Jumptown. Mass Defiance member Brian Stephens reported that the "NESL had an excellent weekend for the NSL Playoffs... (more)
News Article Did you know that both New England teams posted record scores last weekend?
posted: Jun 13th, 2007 The slowest meet weekend of the 2007 season followed the record weekend of June 2. Only the New England Skydiving League completed a competition last weekend. The Northwest Skydiving League competition... (more)