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Shannon Pilcher
Pilcher's individual skydiving story is so closely connected to the story of DeLand Genesis/PD Blue that it is difficult to separate both stories.  And the whole story is almost like a skydiving fairy-tale.  As a skydiver, Pilcher grew up at the Freefall Ranch in Warm Springs, GA.  There he ...
Dennis Praet
The previous HayaBusa lineups between 2003 and 2010 had created the foundation for the very impressive future of the Belgian national 4-way team. There was consistent progression, while there seemed to be a missing piece. It could be coincidence, however, the breakthrough to the top of the world ...
Eliana Rodriguez
Eliana Rodriguez can brighten a room with just a smile. Young, intelligent and athletic, Rodriguez has become a shooting star in the world of skydiving competition since her first meet only three years ago. Rodriguez is a member of Synchronicity, the U.S. Women’s 4-way team that took the gold ...
Jérémie Rollett
It is coincidence that the four French skydivers on the current list of NSL Profiles are all coaches. Of course, they started as competitors, and each of them is a former 4-way or/and 8-way world champion. Jeremie Rollett has collected three gold medals, two in 4-way (2006 - 2008) and one in ...
Dr. Joel Shugar
Dr. Joel Shugar, one of the most passionate 4-way competitors and a true supporter of the sport, died in a skydiving accident in Eloy on May 26, 2008. It would fill books to cover his merits in his professional career as an eye surgeon and for skydiving as a sport. He will be in our minds ...
Gary Smith
Imagine the opposite of a dare-devilish, adventure seeking, adrenaline-driven skydiver. Imagine a calm and casual thinker, a well educated and perfectly behaved gentleman, a healthy athlete in a great shape - simply a role model for other competitors. Imagine such an image turning into reality, and ...
Thomas Spielvogel
I am not aware of many world meets since 1989 where he was not a member of the German national teams, either in 4-way or in 8-way. He has gone through all the changes in styles and techniques in his 45 years of skydiving that came along and required serious individual adjustments. He mastered ...
Kirk Verner
He remembered that he and his world champion team mates would work for McDonalds just to make it happen. It is amazing to him how many champions Arizona Airspeed have produced based on this philosophy. Things have changed, and resources are better compared to the early Airspeed days. Paraclete ...
Silvanus (Solly) Williams
Solly Williams is a full-time coach and part-owner of Skydive DeLand in Florida.  He competed with DeLand Equanimity, the South African national 4-way team.  At the World Championship in 1997, his team won the bronze medal.  Equanimity discontinued, but Williams remained in touch with the most ...