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Mideast Skydiving League Mideast Skydiving League

MESL League Director:

Mideast Skydiving League website: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=129369300413033

MESL Host Venues: Skydive Wayne County, Start Skydiving

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Most Recent MESL Scores | See all MESL scores
Aug 27th, 2011
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AA Class C,L,15 A,E,18 9,22 4,1 B,11,Q G,K,14 Total Avg
1 Tenacity MESL 8 11 10 5 9 6 49 8.2
Rank Rookie C,L,P A,E,M J,H,C N,F,L B,Q,O G,K,D Total Avg
1 Back It Up and Dump It MESL 2 3 0 2 - - 7 1.8

Most Recent MESL News | See all MESL News or all NSL News
News Article Did you know that the Mideast Skydiving League welcomed a new Rookie Class team?
posted: Sep 8th, 2011 The August meet of the Mideast Skydiving League at Start Skydiving introduced a new 4-way collegiate team that competed in the Rookie Class for the first time. A team of the University of Cincinnati had... (more)
News Article Did you know that Tenacity is back with the complete 2011 lineup?
posted: Jul 29th, 2011 Tenacity was the only AA Class team that competed last weekend, even though a few more teams were on site at Start Skydiving for the meet. MESL Director and Tenacity member Joan Esson reported that there... (more)
News Article Did you know that Tenacity videographer Beth Shell was Jenacity's Center Inside last weekend?
posted: Jun 22nd, 2011 Two of the 38 teams last weekend competed in the Mideast Skydiving League at Start Skydiving. Both came back after also attending the MESL 2011 season opener in May. Jenacity competed in the AA Class,... (more)