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World Tunnel League 2024

World Tunnel League 2024
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Competition is the salt in the soup in all sports. Competition events create excitement, and the participants inspire others to join. People naturally want to compete and compare themselves with others. Competition events also create public and media interest in all sports. At the same time, meets are a social event with a social network where people connect and share their passion. Competition events create a solid and loyal customer base for a wind tunnel, as the competitors will train for the events and constantly make efforts to improve their performance.

The development of the World Tunnel League follows the example of outdoor skydiving competition, where the desire for meets has increased for the same reasons as explained. There were only a few random meets before the National Skydiving League created a structured network that connected teams and competitors worldwide.

The NSL and the WTL staff have seen the evolution of Formation Skydiving competition from the beginning (1985) and started first the National Skydiving League (NSL), followed by the Indoor Cloud League (ICL). The World Tunnel League (WTL) was the logical next step.

Download complete guidelines for group and single-team participation