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NSL News

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News Article Did you know that five seconds can make a CISM difference?
posted: Jul 18th, 2024 The NSL Live Talk conversation with NMP PCH HayaBusa on July 10th, after the completion of the CISM World Championship in Hungary, included the topic of the exit rules and procedures, which are significantly different compared to civilian FAI/ISC events. The four active members of this year's Belgian CISM lineup (Inside Center David Grauwels, Outside Center Dennis Praet, Point Jeroen Nollet, Tail Neal Willems) shared their experiences with the NSL News audience, and newest member Ray Lodens was with his team in Hungary, as well. NMP PCH HayaBusa's CISM videographer Koen Vangestel did not... (more)
News Article Did you know that Arizona Airspeed were leading, DeLand Norgies and Sebastian XL tied after Round 3?
posted: Jul 18th, 2024 Tomorrow the meet will be continued with 8-way competition. With three blocks to be performed, Round 3 in 4-way was the slowest sequence of the meet so far. Airspeed and France used the opportunity to put some distance between themselves and the underdog challengers. With this round, they made it very clear that no other team will be able to interfere with their private duel for the gold medal. Airspeed had an excellent jump and added another point up over France. DeLand Norgies and Sebastian XL seem to be glued together on the scoreboard. After three rounds, they still have identical numbers... (more)
News Article Did you know that the Virginia Parachute Council offers a second meet test before USPA Nationals?
posted: Jul 17th, 2024 Today's embedded leaderboard is a small one and features the teams who took on the most recent competition draw of the NSL 4-way Network. It is a small leaderboard due to the number of completed rounds, even though a total of 19 teams actually posted at least a score for one round. In fact, only the British 4-way teams were suffering very louzy jumping weather and held out to get the score for the one and only round. The two Czech AAA Class teams, Skywalkers Junior and M Team, made it all the way forward to Round 8, and two teams of the Virginia Parachute Council completed three rounds at Skydive... (more)
News Article Did you know that ICL Midwest and iFLY Fort Lauderdale tied their June total?
posted: Jul 16th, 2024 The same three teams at iFLY Fort Lauderdale in South Florida posted once again the scores for the six Indoor Cloud League sequences last month, 4Action (AAA/AA), Volaticus (A/RRR) and Under Construction (RR/R). It is an interesting coincidence that the ICL Midwest team has two teams who are also posting ICL scores regularly for the same categories, CSC Constellation XP (AAA/AA) and CSC Singularity (A/RRR/RR/R). The same four teams competed at outdoor events in the same month, as well, while they did not share the same June leaderboards and competition draws. The ICL leaderboard for the month... (more)
News Article Did you know that Solly Williams and Gary Smith were coaching opponents in Australia 1999?
posted: Jul 13th, 2024 A slower meet weekend, with only the Virginia Parachute Council celebrating a comeback that Kat Osipova has organized for the teams in her region, the NSL News has another opportunity to add information to the archives that has not been published yet at SKYLEAGUE.COM or anywhere else. However, the NSL News reported in October 1999 how Silvanus (Solly) Williams covered the FAI World Championship 1999 for the internet presence that the NSL News had at that time. He was coaching the DeLand Norgies to their first bronze medals in Australia before he eventually also became their opponent with DeLand... (more)
News Article Did you know that CSC Singularity took the lead in the A Class rankings?
posted: Jul 11th, 2024 The third June leaderboard of the NSL 4-way Network had two more teams that were not included in the NSL News updates on June 7th and on June 12th. The first update covered the scores which were already available after the meets in Great Britain and California. The second one followed up with more scores from the Czech Republic. Last and not least, two more teams from the Midwest Skydiving League area completed the third combined June leaderboard with scores and videos for the AA and A Class sequences. CSC Constellation XP and CSC Singularity both completed seven rounds in their respective... (more)