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NSL News Coverage of the FAI Indoor World Cup 2024

NSL News

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News Article Did you know that there is plenty of cross-attention between Europe, America and China?
posted: Apr 18th, 2024 While the best 4-way teams in the world follow up with four more rounds on Friday in China, recreational teams in Florida and Texas are getting ready for their upcoming outdoor events. The FAI Indoor World Cup 2024 will be concluded with the last two rounds on Saturday, the same day when teams and competitors at the two regional outdoor meets of the NSL 4-way Network jump from planes and use the synchronized NSL competition draw for the weekend. The conclusion of the Czech Tunnel League's winter season this week had to take place without the currently strongest Czech 4-way team, Crazy Dragons,... (more)
News Article Did you know that NSL Power Rankings offer potential indoor world cup surprises?
posted: Apr 17th, 2024 Time has come for the start of the FAI Indoor World Cup 2024 in China, where the competition draw for the three 4-way events has been posted. The numbers and letters for the ten rounds are identical in 4-way Open, 4-way Women and 4-way VFS. The 4-way Junior category is not a part of this FAI/ISC event for the first time since 2016 when the Canadian Air Devils won the first 4-way Junior title at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2016. The competition in this category was put on a hold after only two countries had registered 4-way Junior teams for the 4th FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship 2023. (more)
News Article Did you know that Arizona Airspeed will have a new lineup next year?
posted: Apr 16th, 2024 Block 10 of the AAA Class dive pool (Diamond - Bunyip) was supposed to be the main topic of the NSL Live Talk conversation with Arizona Airspeed's Niklas Hemlin on April 11th. However, he also provided a review of the Shamrock Showdown 2024 and a preview of the upcoming FAI Indoor World Cup 2024 in China. There was another unexpected part of the conversation that many Airspeed fans and the general audience must have detected, as well. Seven minutes into the recorded video from China Niklas Hemlin casually remarked that the 2024 season will be the last one for himself and for his team mate of... (more)
News Article Did you know that five sequences indicate Flyspot Sky4Four's new starting position?
posted: Apr 15th, 2024 Poland's national team in 4-way Open of the past years, Flyspot Sky4Four, was founded at the end of the 2012 season. Anna Baranska, Zbigniew Kordzikowski, Tomek Rzeczkowski and Arek Szczebiot were the original members, and the NSL News has archived scoring records and team information since 2014. The original lineup started with their training of the AAA Class dive pool under the supervision of Czech 4-way godfather Jan Klapka in 2013. The next lineup, Anna Baranska, Zbigniew Kordzikowski, Tomek Rzeczkowski and Arek Szczebiot with Michal Baranski, won their first national bronze medal the same... (more)
News Article Did you know that Airbus Illertissen Oceanside have high goals after a 120-jump camp?
posted: Apr 14th, 2024 Germany's national team in 4-way Open, Airbus Illertissen Oceanside, are going into their 5th year with the current lineup, Sarah Mertes (Point), Thomas Mack (Outside Center), Alexander Prendinger (Inside Center), Felix Pfeiffer (Tail). Andreas Trögele was on camera for the team in the first three years, Dani Weiß was filming the team in 2023. (more)
News Article Did you know that Pamela Lissajoux and Damien Gouriou join forces in the front piece?
posted: Apr 12th, 2024 Arizona Airspeed's Niklas Hemlin explained during the NSL Live Talk conversation yesterday that his team traveled to China early to accommodate, train and be ready for the much anticipated indoor duel with the French challengers, the Aethers. He expected just as much as French national coach Mathieu Bernier and his national 4-way team that Aethers would be able to compete with their complete lineup, after a successful recovery of the team's outside center Tom Mattoni from his injury during the training camp before the Shamrock Showdown 2024. Tom Mattoni needed more time for the recovery, and... (more)