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Did You Know...

... that Paraclete XP and iFLY Dallas shared the ICL May highscores behind the Czech teams?

Czech indoor and outdoor 4-way team Skywalkers Junior
posted Jun 10th, 2024 - The Indoor Cloud League team of the Hurricane Factory in Prague created the second ICL Sweep in its competition history last month, as the NSL News reported on June 3rd. The story on June 6th followed up on the ICL May competition and featured the Czech teams who generated the sweep.

The focus on the Czech teams included the situation of Skywalkers Junior and HF Chameleons, the two Czech top teams in AAA Class competition, even though HF Chameleons are still a 4-way junior team. Evidence for the challenging situation of Skywalkers Junior followed not much later when the youngest 4-way senior team in the world also competed at the first outdoor competition of the Czech Skydiving League 2024 last weekend.

As most of all 4-way teams do, Skywalkers Junior train and compete in both environments, while the HF Chameleons juniors are limited to indoors for now and until they may transition to outdoor activities, as well. One of the Chameleons members, Filip Lukavec, is already doing this and is a member of both teams. Even though the Czech ICL team is on the top of the 2024 leaderboard and has been a consistent top contender since joining the Indoor Cloud League, a sweep of all six monthly sequences is still an exception. In fact, the junior team Helicopters won the highscore for the RRR Class sequence by just a single point over Paraclete XP's team in the same category.

Indoor Cloud League May 2024AAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Teams - iFLY DallasB,4,K,17E,4,7J,N,6J,N,EM,B,KM,CTotal
Alexa Boushey, Christina Edwards, Caden Maydew, Lucas King2022----42
Zoe Rojo, Matt Pedersen, Michael Erickson, Kyle Hermberg--17---17
Sarah Watson, Nick Anderson, Pressly Bonner, Lucas King---21--21
Russell Cornwall, Jonathan Cooper, Kyle Hermberg, Michael Erickson----181735

iFLY Dallas Best of May 2024202217211817115

Indoor Cloud League May 2024: iFLY Dallas Highscores
Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team in May
The NSL News took a closer look at the scores behind the Czech ICL Sweep in May, where Paraclete XP and iFLY Dallas battle for the second highest total behind the Hurricane Factory. It was a close race that the Paraclete XP team won with the 23-pointer by six points in the R Class over the iFLY Dallas lineup.

There was only a 5-point difference (120 - 115) between Paraclete XP and iFLY Dallas after all six sequences, and it was The Ladies lineup under the player-coaching guidance by CSC Constellation XP members Natalie Rodriguez and Leslie Noble (Kathy-Ann Cadogan, Vicki Clements) who secured the 2nd place in the May rankings for Paraclete XP over iFLY Dallas.

Paraclete XP were one point behind iFLY Dallas after the five other categories, and the CSC Constellation XP management of the May event at Paraclete XP ended up successfully. The complete Constellation lineup then followed up at the ICL May event of their Midwest team and finished behind Paraclete XP and iFLY Dallas both. The winner in the R Class, the HF Sharks juniors, actually completed 29 points within working time, and the score was capped at the 25-point benchmark. All highscores behind the Czech teams were eventually shared between Paraclete XP and iFLY Dallas. However, the iFLY Colorado Springs team may still interfere with the outcome of the May competition.

Indoor Cloud League 2024
RankMay 14+B,4,K,17E,4,7J,N,6J,N,EM,B,KM,CTotal
1Hurricane Factory CZ 29 27 19 23 24 25147
2Paraclete XP US 20 19 17 22 19 23120
3iFLY Dallas US 20 22 17 21 18 17115
4ICL Midwest US 14 16 13 16 17 2298
5iFLY Fort Lauderdale US 10 15 15 16 11-1 1178

Indoor Cloud League May 2024 Highscores
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