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226 Pecan Street
Deland FL 32724
tel: (386) 801-0804

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Schedule of Events | See all Chicagoland events
league discipline title date venue
Midwest FS4 Meet 2 Jun 16th, 2024 Chicagoland
Midwest FS4 Meet 3 Aug 10th, 2024 Chicagoland
815.561.3663 (Tel)
888.494.6964 (Fax)

General Information: With our growing group of experienced skydivers, Chicagoland Skydiving Center is more than just a skydiving center. Come out and be a part of our skydiving family as we enjoy life in freefall! Our barbecues and bonfire parties are legendary! Check it out for yourself! RV hookups, hot showers, and free camping are available! We also have a climate controlled packing area and video debrief facilities, free internet access along with a Wi-Fi network for laptop users, full service Pro Shop, the Flight Deck Cafe, and a full-time rigging loft.

Home Team(s): 4-Play, CSC Dropouts, CSC Genesis, CSC Get A Grip, CSC Legos, CSC Rubicon, CSC Sirens, CSC Steel Breeze, CSC Survival Instinct, Good Vibrations, Gravity Powered Misfits, Has-Beens, High Maintenance

Regular Aircraft: Twinotter

On-Site Services: Gear Sales / Rentals, Rigging Services, Videographers, Organizers, Food, Bunkhouse, Camping, Showers, RV Hookups

Venue Website: http://www.PerfectlyGoodAirplane.com       Venue Email: doug@PROskydiving.com

Location:1207 West Gurler Road • Rochelle, IL • 61068 • USA

Most Recent Scores at this venue | See all scores
Jun 21st, 2024
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total Avg
Rank AA Class 11,2 K,13,D B,4,E G,20,Q 22,21 A,9,M 7,P,1 Total Avg
1 CSC Constellation XP  US  MWSL 9    12    11    6    8    14    10     70 10.0
Rank A Class 2,E K,D,M B,4 G,Q,L 21,H A,9 7,P Total Avg
1 CSC Singularity  US  MWSL 5    3 -1 6    7    7    7    7     42 6.0